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Custom SDK Development

“A Software Development Kit ("SDK"), a programming package that enables a programmer to develop applications for a specific platform.”

We develop custom SDKs for C++, PHP, and other platforms

A Software Development Kit ("SDK" or "devkit"), is a programming package that enables a programmer to develop applications for a specific platform. Our SDKs are typically a set of software development tools that allows the creation of applications for a certain software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer system, operating system, or similar development platform. To create applications you have to download one of our custom SDKs. For example if you want to develop MS Windows apps we typically use C++, or for an Linux Web enviroment we typicsally use PHP. 

It may be something as simple as the implementation of one or more application programming interfaces (APIs) in the form of some libraries to interface to a particular programming language or to include sophisticated hardware that can communicate with a particular embedded system. Common tools include debugging facilities and other utilities, often presented in an integrated development environment (IDE). Our SDKs also frequently include sample code and supporting technical notes or other supporting documentation to help clarify points made by the primary reference material.

Our client's software engineer typically receives the SDK from the target system developer. Our clients often downloads the custom SDKs directly via the Internet.

Our current custom SDKs were develop for a major American and Europe computer security firm to add features to their consumer based security uiltities, and global enterprise computer security systems.


Our SDK relies upon our custom anti-malware Engine to deliver comprehensive detection and remidiation for a wide range of malware including viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, and adware.


Our SDK has a broad range of applications, including the following:


  • Integration with various products and services, from service provider data centers and carrier-grade data processing solutions to desktops and embedded platforms.

  • Our SDK provides complete protection from all types of malware, including malware for smartphones and tablets. Thus, it can be used to develop superior mobile network solutions with advanced malicious code protection and MMS filtering.

  • Stand-alone desktop (Mac & PC) anti-malware development.

  • Our SDK is compatible with the most common operating systems (e.g., Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, etc.) and hardware platforms (including ARM), offering exceptional scalability and capable of powering a wide range of small office, medium business and enterprise class products, as well as subscription-based services.


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